Artifact Evaluation for Computer Systems' Research
We work with the community and ACM to improve methodology and tools for reproducible experimentation, artifact submission / reviewing and open challenges!
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The following Artifact Evaluations were based on our continuously updated submission/ reviewing procedures and AE appendices:

Event: AE wesbite: Event website: Accepted artifacts:
CGO'17 Link Link Link
PPoPP'17 Link Link Link
PPoPP'16 Link Link Link
SC'16 Link Link Link
RTSS'16 Link Link Link
CGO'16 Link Link Link
PACT'16 Link Link Link
ADAPT'16 Open reviewing via Reddit Link Link
ADAPT'15 @ HiPEAC'15 (open Reddit-based reviewing) Link Link Link
PPoPP'15 Link Link Link
CGO'15 Link Link Link
ADAPT'14 @ HiPEAC'14 Link Link Link

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our current and past events on collaborative and reproducible R&D: our online presentations about AE: and our wiki:
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