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At the end of May, 2010, we released cTuning Compiler Collection that includes all necessary tools for your convenience to enable Collective Optimization. However, bear in mind, that it's is an on-going project!..

Archive (end of 2009)

Here is a list of things that you might need to download from this site to enable Collective Optimization:

  • CCC framework including milepost-gcc wrapper to extract program features, query database and predict good optimizations (beta version). We strongly advice you to use cDatabase when you install CCC framework to be able to use predefined configurations from the community and to use machine learning and collective optimization techniques to predict program optimizations.
  • CCC plugins that include different search strategies for direct iterative compilation
  • cBench
  • cBench dataset should be downloaded with SVN, as described in cBench itself (there are download scripts in CCC under apps/ccc-admin--get-cbench-*)

You can learn more about these tools at the cTools page.

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