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GROW'10 Workshop Program

Saturday, January 23, 2010
Pisa, Italy
(co-located with HiPEAC 2010 Conference)

(Proceedings in one pdf)

[ GROW'10 Foreword ]

14:00-14:05 Welcome note

Dorit Nuzman, IBM, Israel
Grigori Fursin, INRIA, France
Session chair: Grigori Fursin, INRIA, France
14:05-14:25 GRAPHITE Two Years After: First Lessons Learned From Real-World Polyhedral Compilation

Konrad Trifunovic 2, Albert Cohen 2, David Edelsohn 3, Li Feng 6, Tobias Grosser 5, Harsha Jagasia 1, Razya Ladelsky 4, Sebastian Pop 1, Jan Sjödin 1, and Ramakrishna Upadrasta 2

2 INRIA Saclay and Paris-Sud 11 University, France
3 IBM T. J. Watson Research, USA
4 IBM Haifa Research, Israel
5 University of Passau, Germany
6 Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

(paper pdf)

14:25-14:45 Extending GCC with a multi-grain parallelism adaptation framework for MPSoCs

Nicolas BENOIT and Stephane LOUISE
CEA LIST, France

(paper pdf)

14:45-15:05 A case study: optimizing GCC on ARM for performance of libevas rasterization library

Dmitry Melnik 1, Andrey Belevantsev1, Dmitry Plotnikov1, and Semun Lee2

1 ISP RAS, Russia
2 Samsung, Korea

(paper pdf)

15:05-15:25 Portable and Efficient Auto-vectorized Bytecode: a Look at the Interaction between Static and JIT Compilers

Erven Rohou
INRIA, France

(paper pdf)

15:25-16:00 Coffee Break (official break starts at 15:30)
Session chair: Dorit Nuzman, IBM, Israel
16:00-16:20 Compiler-controlled and Compiler-hinted Voltage Scaling Approaches

Dmitry Zhurikhin 1, Andrey Belevantsev 1, Kirill Batuzov 1, Valery Ignatiev 1, Roman Zhuykov 1, and Semun Lee 2

1 ISP RAS, Russia
2 Samsung, Korea

(paper pdf)

16:20-16:40 Using Software Metrics to Evaluate Static Single Assignment Form in GCC

Jeremy Singer 1, Christos Tjortjis 2, and Martin Ward 3

1 University of Manchester, UK
2 University of Ioannina, Greece
3 De Montfort University, UK

(paper pdf)

16:40-17:00 A New Intermediate Representation for GCC based on the XARK Compiler Framework

Jose M. Andion, Manuel Arenaz, and Juan Tourino
University of A Coruna, Spain

(paper pdf)

17:00-17:20 Transforming GCC into a research-friendly environment: plugins for optimization tuning and reordering, function cloning and program instrumentation

Yuanjie Huang 1,2, Liang Peng 1,2, Chengyong Wu 1, Yuriy Kashnikov 4, Jörn Renneke 3, Grigori Fursin 3

1 ICT, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
2 Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
3 INRIA Saclay, France
4 University of Versailles at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France

(paper pdf)

17:20-17:30 Coffee Break (some snacks)
17:30-18:10 Keynote talk: Using GCC as a toolbox for research: GCC plugins and whole-program compilation

Diego Novillo
Google, Canada

Despite its age and internal crustiness, recent developments in GCC will allow researchers and practitioners to take advantage of a rich set of tools and analyses that were previously hiding under the covers. In this talk, I will discuss how plugins and whole-program compilation facilitate extending the compiler and convert it into a more flexible tool for purposes other than optimization.

(presentation pdf)

18:10-19:00 Panel and discussions

Assorted questions - will be updated soon ...

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