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Dear friends,
I would like to thank the following great colleagues for interesting research discussions, feedback, collaboration and support during the tough times when I was developing cTuning concept, public tools and repository!
Grigori Fursin (author of cTuning concept, unified cTools, optimization repository, MILEPOST framework, website and web-services)

alphabetical order:

  • Fabio Arnone (STMicro, France)
  • Phil Barnard (ARC, UK)
  • Francois Bodin (CAPS-Entreprise, France)
  • Edwin Bonilla (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • John Cavazos (University of Delaware, USA)
  • Zbigniew Chamski (InfraSoft IT Solutions, Poland)
  • Yang Chen (ICT, China)
  • Albert Cohen (INRIA, France)
  • Veerle Desmet (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Christoph Dubach (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • Bjorn Franke (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • Marisa Gil (UPC, Spain)
  • Kenneth Hoste (Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Victor Jimenez (UPC, Spain)
  • Timothy Jones (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • Yuriy Kashnikov (UVSQ, France)
  • Hugh Leather (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • Shun Long (JiNan University, China)
  • Lianjie Luo (ICT, China)
  • Abdul Wahid Memon (UVSQ, France)
  • Bilha Mendelson (IBM, Israel)
  • Cupertino Miranda (INRIA, France)
  • Mircea Namolaru (IBM, Israel)
  • Nacho Navarro (UPC, Spain / UIUC, USA)
  • Diego Novillo (Google, USA)
  • Michael O'Boyle (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • David Padua (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
  • Christian Poli (INRIA, USA)
  • Sebastian Pop (AMD, USA)
  • Erven Rohou (IRISA, France)
  • Guillaume Rousse (INRIA, France)
  • Basile Starynkevitch (CEA, France)
  • Olivier Temam (INRIA, France)
  • Sid Touati (Universit√© de Versailles, France)
  • John Thomson (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • Chris Williams (University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • Chengyong Wu (ICT, China)
  • Elad Yom-Tov (IBM, Israel)
  • Ayal Zaks (IBM, Israel)

We did our best to list all the people who helped us with the project, however mistakes are possible and if you feel like you have been omitted by accident, don't hesitate to contact us!

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