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Here we provide some current or possible ICI usage scenarios. You are welcome to provide your own optimization scenario:

  • Search (random, one by one, probabilistic, genetic) combinations of program optimizations to improve program execution time, code size, compilation time, power consumption, etc using fine-grain optimizations (function, loop or instruction-level)
  • Tune default compiler optimization heuristic for a given architecture
  • Test compiler for illegal combinations of optimizations
  • Collectively build large training sets to further statistical analysis to create machine learning models that can predict good program optimizations
  • Benchmark computing systems and compare compilers
  • Tune architectural parameters
  • Compare behavior of programs, datasets, architectures, compilers, run-time systems
  • Find a good balance between performance, code size and compilation time when optimizing large applications or the whole Linux
  • Program analysis and instrumentation for research, development or testing purposes
  • machine description and ISA dynamic specialization
  • code generation/optimization for multi-ISA architectures
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