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In order to quickly prototype research ideas, we would like to add the following features to ICI to support program instrumentation:

  • Ability to link external libraries transparently (without Makefile modifications)
  • Add function calls at the entrance and exit of each function including "MAIN"
  • Declare global arrays (that can keep some internal information for instrumented code) at "MAIN"
  • Add function calls before/after specific instructions with some program variables as arguments (memory load/store with address for example)
  • Add loop hierarchy numbering (need to agree how to represent)

Please, add your own ideas here:

Who is interested: Grigori Fursin, Chengyong Wu, Cosmin Oancea, Zbigniew Chamski, Yuri Kasnikoff ...

Who would like to help with implementation: Yuri Kasnikoff, Zbigniew Chamski, Grigori Fursin, ...

Example from Cosmin for instrumentation TestPaperEg.cpp

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