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NEWS: In 2015, we converted cBench to Collective Knowledge Format and moved it to GITHUB: benchmarks, data sets!


Collective Benchmark

Enabling realistic benchmarking and optimization
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cTuning is based on the following reference publications:
CPE'04, GCC Summit'09, HiPEAC'05, PhD thesis, PLDI'10, HiPEAC'09, IJPP'11, ACM TACO'10

Collective Benchmark (cBench) is a collection of open-source sequential programs (working to add parallel applications) with multiple datasets (former MiDataSets) assembled by the community to enable realistic benchmarking and research on program and architecture optimization. The source code of individual programs is simplified to ease portability. All the benchmarks now include scripts to be used with Continuous Collective Compilation Framework to perform automatic optimizations (iterative compilation) using GCC, LLVM, GCC4CIL, Open64, PathScale, Intel and other compilers and a wide range of architectures. This collection of programs can later be used to create specialized benchmarks.

cBench is an evolving project driven by the community demands - you are welcome to join the project, extend or add benchmarks and datasets and provide performance analysis, leave feedback and add your optimization data to the Collective Optimization Database to help the community optimize their programs. You can also communicate with cTuning community through our mailing lists.


cBench is an open collaborative community-driven project. You are welcome to join us and participate in discussions, developments or provide feedback and suggestions to extend cBench or add new benchmarks/datasets.

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