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Here we provide some current or possible cDatabase usage scenarios. You are welcome to provide your own optimization scenario:

  • Find good optimization cases for a given program (dataset or on average) architecture, OS
  • Find default optimization flags/parameters for a given compiler for a given architecture and OS
  • Find good architecture configuration for a given program (and a dataset or on average)
  • Predict good optimizations for a program on-fly (during compilation) - important for whole Linux or other OS optimization; dynamic recompilation in mobile systems, cloud computing, etc ...
  • Find illegal combinations of optimizations for a given program, dataset, architecture, OS (to test the system)
  • Share, rank and reference optimization cases to improve the quality of academic research and enable collaborative, replicable and referenced experiments and results.
  • Find a good balance between performance, code size and compilation time when optimizing large applications or the whole Linux
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