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  • Should we add web-services to get optimization cases externally? (submitted by gfursin)

  • Should we add a version number for web-services so that the tools could check if they support this service? (submitted by gfursin)

  • Is current optimization ranking system convenient? (submitted by gfursin)

  • Should we sort optimization cases for different criteria? (submitted by gfursin)

  • Should we use PAPI or some other library to record hardware counters? How should we represent them? (submitted by gfursin)

  • How should we record sequence and parameters of fine-grain optimizations (traditional and polyhedral) to reuse them when program is changing? (submitted by gfursin)

  • How should we represent architectural configurations (from the simulator or FPGA)? (submitted by gfursin)

  • Should we prune unused optimizations? (submitted by gfursin)

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