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Developing efficient software and hardware has never been harder whether it is for a tiny IoT device or an Exascale supercomputer. However, apart from the ever growing design and optimization complexity, there exist even more fundamental problems such as lack of interdisciplinary knowledge required for effective software/hardware co-design, and a growing technology transfer gap between academic research and industrial development.

The non-profit cTuning foundation prepared a new educational initiative to tackle these problems by developing Collective Knowledge (CK), a unified experimental framework for computer systems research and development. We use CK to teach the community how to make their research artifacts and experimental workflows portable, reproducible, customizable and reusable while enabling open R&D and facilitating technology transfer.

For example, we use it to redesign multi-objective autotuning as a collaborative, portable and extensible CK workflow. Such workflows enable researchers to experiment with different applications, data sets and tools; crowdsource experimentation across diverse platforms; share experimental results, models, visualizations; gradually expose more design and optimization choices using a simple JSON API; and ultimately build upon each other's findings.

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Our on-going community activities

We develop an open-source Collective Knowledge framework aka CK - a cross-platform customizable Python framework used by leading universities, Fortune 50 companies and non-profit organizations to share artifacts as reusable components with JSON API; quickly prototype portable experimental workflows (such as multi-objective DNN optimization); automate package installation; crowdsource and reproduce experiments across diverse hardware; unify predictive analytics; enable interactive articles, and develop sustainable and customizable research software.
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We help conferences, workshops and journals including CGO, PPoPP, PACT and SC to develop a common experimental methodology and framework for artifact evaluation and digital libraries such as ACM DL.

We also promote open, collaborative, reproducible and reusable research as well as our new publication model with the community-driven reviewing and validation of results.
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We develop open-source, portable and customizable workflow powered by CK to crowdsource benchmarking, optimization and co-design of emerging workloads such as deep learning and AI across diverse and ever changing HW/SW stack from IoT to supercomputers provided by volunteers!
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We develop customizable multi-objective autotuning workflow powered by CK to help the community automatically crowd-tune and crowd-fuzz compilers such as GCC and LLVM in terms of execution time, code size, compilation time and bugs. We also use it crowd-tune OpenCL, CUDA and other libraries, and co-design various DNN engines and models.
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