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We help international projects develop sustainable research software and facilitate technology transfer - contact us!

The cTuning foundation is a global registered non-profit research organization participating in innovative research projects all over the world. We help scientists use our open-source Collective Knowledge framework (CK) to implement sustainable research software, share reusable artifacts and workflows, and crowdsource their experiments across diverse platforms provided by volunteers similar to SETI@home. We participate in collaborative projects with international non-profit organizations including ACM to enable our open publication model and develop a common methodology and tools for artifact sharing, evaluation, cross-linking and reuse. We also use CK to bring together academia and industry, facilitate technology transfer together with dividiti, crowdsource testing, benchmarking, optimization and co-design of efficient, self-optimizing and self-learning computer systems from IoT to supercomputers (AI/SW/HW), and accelerate collaborative knowledge discovery particularly for Artificial Intelligence.

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